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Thread: Hedgehog names?

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    Wink Hedgehog names?

    I'm a soon-to-be hedgie owner! I just put a deposit down on an cute little boy, although once I go to pick him up, I may end up bringing back another one, (I'm more about personality.) But anyways, I have NO idea what to possibly name this little guy. Suggestions? Thanks!

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    My hedgie's name is Leo. I had a hamster named Humphrey which is also cute. I'll try to find a website and if I do I'll let you know! I'm really excited for you cuz I remember how excited I was when I got my lil baby!!

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    Hey. I just googled male hedgehog names and a few really great links popped up. So u can check those out too!!

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    Thanks ! I'll be sure to do that!

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    he looks like a cookies n' cream
    I am a momma to Squee my vampire hedgie as am I :l= also
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    I always have a theme in naming my pets. I take turns naming them after a food item and character I like in a book or movies. I have my rabbit Marshmellow and my hedgehog Reese (reese's cups). Then I named my bird who just recently passed name Spenser after a character on criminal minds and another Hedgehog Harriet after my favorite character on So I Married an Ax Murder. I think it is fun that way!

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    43 can try naming him on who he reminds you of, like Blnoworyta's character naming idea. I named my little guy Harvey Hedgehog....but I enjoy consonance. He looks sweet and mild like a Niles, Stewart, or Robert. Congratulations on your new little guy! Hope the time without his passes quickly.
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    I just brought him home today His name is Mojo. He likes to nip (although none of them are aggressive, I discourage it with a puff in the face) and tried to be a tough little guy. Thanks for all the suggestions!

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    Mojo is a cute name for a cute little fellow! Welcome Mojo!

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    Bless Mojo's a lovely name :-) my boys called Quillbert

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