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Thread: Hedgehog in Labor

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    Hedgehog in Labor

    For those who have never seen a hedgehog in labor, I though I would post a few videos of my Bianca in labor. I was hoping to get one being born, but couldn\'t stay up that late. (I stayed up until 2 and she didn\'t even seem close.) She has them by the time I checked her at 10AM. The first is her beginning to go into labor. Next is her having contractions. Last is another strong contraction.
    They look extremely painful, but none lasted very long (maybe 15-20 seconds each) and they were far apart (at least when I was watching her).

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    Re:Hedgehog in Labor

    Very interesting videos- I\'ve never seen anyone post videos quite like these before! :laugh:

    I am glad her delivery went well, and good luck with the new litter!

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