• Hedgehogs: Are They Legal in Your State?

    Written by Kelly Sosik-Hamor

    Before you get a hedgehog, it is important that you be sure they are legal in your city and state. Since laws are continually changing, it is best that you contact your state Fish and Game Commission and check your county regulations. We'll do our best to keep a running list of the restrictions placed on hedgehogs, however, please realize that our information may go out of date from time to time.

    Note that this list only pertains to the African Pygmy hedgehog and NOT to any other species of hedgehogs.

    Alaska - If you are shipping into Alaska, you need to call the state vet and ask about the local requirements.

    Arizona - As of December 2015, hedgehogs are legal in Arizona

    California - Hedgehogs are not legal at all.

    Georgia - Illegal to posses, but licensed breeding is allowed if the hedgehogs are sold out of state.

    Hawaii - Hedgehogs are not legal at all.

    Kansas - At the 12/2/2008 Board of Commissioners meeting, it was decided that hedgehogs would be allowed animals in the city of Lawrence, where previously they had been illegal

    Kentucky - If you are shipping into Kentucky, you need to call the state vet and ask about the local requirements.

    Maine - As of May 2017, hedgehogs are legal with no permit required

    Montana - In early 2005 there was a ban on importing hedgehogs into this state. The are supposed to be reclassified and to be imported again sometime in early summer 2005. If you are importing a hedgehog to Montana, your vet needs to call the MT state vet and get a permit number. If this is not done, the shipper and shippee will receive a warning for the first violation and a large fine for any subsequent violations.

    Nebraska - Permit required for Omaha and Douglas County.

    New Jersey - Legal with Permit. If you buy a hedgehog from someone in NJ, you need to get a 20 day permit from the seller, who will also provide an application for a permanent permit. The permit cost is $10 a year, no matter the number of hedgies. For an application, go to: http://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/pdf/xotic_hobby.pdf

    New York -Legal in all counties EXCEPT the 5 boroughs of NYC; Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, and Manhattan.

    Pennsylvania - Hedgehogs are not legal at all.

    Vermont - In July 2010, hedgehogs were moved to the unrestricted species list in Vermont and are now legal to own

    Virginia - Legal in all counties EXECPT Fairfax.

    Wyoming: Permit needed (must call F&G to check if this is still true)

    Canada: Illegal in Windsor, Ontario and Langley, British Columbia.

    For more information, please contact your local state department:

    Division of Fish and Game
    Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
    (334) 243-3465

    Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources
    Wildlife and Freshwater Fish
    Wildlife Section
    (334) 242-3469

    Department of Fish and Game
    (907) 465-4190 or 465-4100

    Game and Fish Department
    (602) 942-3000 x 4006

    Department of Fish and Game
    (501) 223 6300 or 223-6359

    Department of Fish and Game
    (916) 653-6420

    Division of Wildlife
    (303) 297-1192 or 291-7440

    Department of Environmental Protection
    (860) 424-3011

    Division of Fish and Wildlife
    (302) 739-5295 or 739-5297

    Department of Natural Resources
    (904) 488-3641 or 488-6253

    Department of Natural Resources
    Game and Fish Division
    (404) 656-0778 or 656-3523

    Land and Natural Resources
    (808) 587 0377 or 548-2681

    Fish and Game Department
    (208) 334-3736 or 327-7025

    Department of Conservation
    (217) 782-7305 or 782-2965

    Division of Fish and Wildlife
    (317) 232-4080 or 232-4040

    Department of Natural Resources
    (515) 281-4508 or 281-5638

    Department of Wildlife and Parks
    (316) 671-5911

    Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
    (502) 564-4224 or 564-3176

    Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
    (504) 765-2800 or 765-2821

    Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
    (207) 287-2571 or 289-3651

    Department of Natural Resources
    (410) 974-2265 or 974-3195

    Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
    (617) 727-3151

    Department of Natural Resources
    Wildlife Division
    (517) 373-1263

    Department of Natural Resources
    (612) 296-4507 or 296-3344

    Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks
    (601) 364-2214 or 364-2022

    Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks
    (406) 444-2950 or 444-2535

    Game and Parks Commission
    (402) 471-5462 or 464-0641

    Department of Wildlife
    (702) 688-1500 or 688-1549

    New Hampshire
    Fish and Game Department
    (603) 271-3421 or 271-2461

    New Jersey
    Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife
    (609) 984-0839 or 292-6685

    New Mexico
    Department of Game and Fish
    (505) 827-7934

    New York
    Department of Environmental Conservation
    Division of Fish and Wildlife
    (518) 457-3400 or 439-7635

    North Carolina
    Wildlife Resources Commission
    (919) 662-4370 or 733-7291

    North Dakota
    Game and Fish Department
    (701) 221-6335

    Department of Natural Resources
    (614) 265-6300 or 265-7027

    Department of Wildlife Conservation
    (405) 521-3851 or 521-2739

    Department of Fish and Wildlife
    (541) 872-5260 ext. 5518

    Game Commission
    (717) 787-4250 or 787-5740

    Rhode Island
    Division of Fish and Wildlife
    (401) 277-3576 or 789-3094

    South Carolina
    Wildlife and Marine Resources Division
    (803) 734-3833 or 734-3888

    South Dakota
    Department of Game, Fish and Parks
    (605) 773-3485 or 773-3381

    Wildlife Resources Agency
    (615) 781-6585 or 781-6610

    Parks and Wildlife Department
    (512) 389-4419 or 389-4822

    Division of Wildlife Resources
    (801) 538-4846

    Department of Fish and Wildlife
    (802) 241-3700

    Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
    (804) 367-1000

    Department of Wildlife
    (206) 753-5719 or 753-5728

    West Virginia
    Department of Natural Resources
    (304) 558-2758 or 348-2771

    Department of Natural Resources
    (608) 266-2621 or 267-7857

    Game and Fish Department
    (307) 777-4530 or 777-4582